CORDM is specialized in the complete manufacture or machining of high precision metal gears up to 1600 mm diameter module 40 – quality 8 ISO 1328 after hobbing to quality 4 ISO 1328 after teeth grinding.

CORDM manufactures all types of gears (spur gears, helical gears, splines, straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, racks)

Our gears are used in all sectors of activity, such as rail transport (metros, high speed, freight), the energy sector (wind, oil, nuclear), the steel industry (paper industry, cement, steelworks, sugar factories), infrastructures, the crushing sector, mines and tunnelling machines, the lifting industry, the marine sector (direct propulsion).

We work directly with manufacturers of special machines and equipment. We are also in contact with design offices,  users or maintenance companies of the world’s largest principals.

After manufacture, we also carry out three-dimensional and various non-destructive tests of your gears to ensure their perfect quality. Our product inspection service is independent of production.

A complete quality file is delivered with your parts.