Gear calculation, manufacturing & hobbing : CORDM

A specialist in mechanical transmission, gear manufacturing and precision machining since 1982, CORDM supports you in each of your industrial projects and offers a wide range of services to improve the performance and reliability of your mechanical gear and gearboxes installations. We operate in a wide range of sectors where gears and gearing are an integral part of mechanical assemblies, such as rail transport, renewable energies and the marine industry. From gear calculation and hobbing to repair, replacement of parts (rack, wheel, pinion, etc.) and balancing of transmission shafts, CORDM provides a comprehensive service to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly. Our team of highly qualified technicians is on hand to listen and respond to all your needs: manufacture of custom pinions or gears, gearbox maintenance, gear repair and much more. Throughout the life of your equipment (gearboxes, speed reducers, etc.), our experts will provide you with sound advice and personalised support.

For all your industrial precision engineering needs, such as calculating spur and bevel gears or machining gears, contact CORDM.