Our core business is the manufacture of all types of high-precision gears up to 1600 mm diameter module 40 – quality 8 ISO 1328 after hobbing up to quality 4 ISO 1328 after grinding.

We manufacture pinions and cylindrical gears with spur, helical, bevel, spiral bevel, internal teeth, racks, toothed pulleys, spline shafts, chain pinions and wheels, and many others for different types of rack and pinion transmissions; cylindrical gears with external contact, cylindrical gears with internal contact, bevel pinions and gears.

Our gears are manufactured from standardised steels (open-die forging, close-die circular rolling, forged and rolled bars) according to the very specific specifications of our customers.

We also offer heat treatment of gears in the mass, nitriding, induction hardening, surface hardening, induction or case-hardening and tempering. We can also offer other surface treatments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales teams are at your disposal.