Using a hob :  :
CORDM has a recent and innovative machine park with more than 50 latest-generation machines. This enables it to offer, among other things, generation hobbing operations with hobs up to module 30. All these hobbing operations can be carried out on gears up to 3.5 tonnes - Ø 1600 x 750.

Using a disc hobbing :
Up to module 40.

5-axis machines with software development:
With our 5-axis hobbing machines and software development, we can also produce a variety of bypass gears (chevrons, straight and spiral bevels, large modules 100 and over). CORDM has also extended its range to include the cutting of spiral bevel gears up to 1600 mm in diameter, module 6 to 30 up to DIN 6, using a hard cutting process known as HPG.
Your gear teeth can be removed from bevel gears, spur gears, helical gears, toothed pulleys, splined shafts and transmission elements.

Circular tools for internal and single-sided hobbing.
We can also carry out internal hobbing up to 1 tonne - Ø 2000 x 700 max. bore 1000mm and max. module 14.
We can work on single or mass-produced parts.
Please do not hesitate to contact us or send us your drawings directly for a quotation.