Gearacy, complete reverse engineering software for your gears.

We offer several modules for sale according to your needs:

-Basic geometry module (free on request).

-Reverse engineering module (Determination of characteristics based on a 3D scan).

Machining module (Gearacy is supplied with a post-processor dedicated to your machining centre, which can be 4-axis, 4.5-axis or 5-axis).

-Deburring Module (Gearacy is able to calculate trajectories in order to deburr tooth profiles on machine or robot).

-Topography Module (Gearacy can create the matrices required for topographic checks on gears).

-Tooth entry machining module (Gearacy can now machine the tooth entries required on certain gears, with several factors taken into account).



You’ll also benefit from personalised assistance with installing and getting to grips with the GEARACY software, thanks to our technical support as well as a comprehensive training

programme to help you get the most out of using Gearacy.


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