GEARACY, a CAD/CAM software dedicated to gears

Gearacy is a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software dedicated to gears.

GEARACY, formerly called Filengrène, is a software developed by André MEYER from the INSA (engineering school in Normandie) of Rouen which allowed CORDM to start cutting on multi-axis universal machines with standard milling tools and whose trajectory is derived from a numerical modelling of the gearing.

In May 2022, CORDM integrated Filengrène by becoming the owner of the source codes and the software was renamed “GEARACY”.

We first scan the part to model a gear as a point cloud. Using Gearacy, this point cloud is then processed and digitized into a 3D model. In this way, we can determine the gearing. Regardless of the size of the gear, its module or the type of gearing (spur, helical, herringbone, straight bevel, helical and spiral, splines, wheels and worms)


Gearacy will also allow us to machine gears on different types of machines such as our HELLER machining centres – turning-milling centres for the production of herringbone gears without grooves for example)

With Gearacy, we will be able to program deburring operations for robots very easily and quickly, whether for internal or external gearing.

We can also carry out three-dimensional checks (topography or gearing diagrams)

Gearacy will also allow us to carry out macro-geometric gearing corrections (coniflex)

As you can see, GEARACY is the reference in terms of computer-aided design software for gears. In addition to all its features, we offer you a personalized assistance for the installation and the handling of the GEARACY software thanks to our technical support but also thanks to a complete training program in order to help you to take the best advantage of the use of Gearacy.


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