CORDM diversifies its activity

As a supplier of gears for 40 years to the largest gearbox manufacturers, CORDM can now expertise, repair and improve your equipment. We also propose the design, the manufacturing and assembly of new gearboxes for non-standard applications.

Since January 2019, significant investments in equipment (washing machine, shot blasting, painting cabin, roller heating, hydraulic presses up to 250T, vacuum test bench, overhead cranes up to 20T…) have been made. Thanks to an extension of 1000m² dedicated exclusively to maintenance, we can now take your gearboxes in charge in our facilities.

Upon receipt of your equipment, an expertise will systematically be carried out. A complete report will be made followed by a detailed price quotation including:

  • cleaning, opening the gear unit, analysing possible failures,
  • detailed examination of all parts,
  • non-destructive testing of teeth (magnetic particle inspection)
  • three-dimensional control of your housings and mobiles
  • the replacement of defective mobiles or parts
  • the systematic replacement of bearings and sealing rings,
  • the reassembly and adjustment of the clearances
  • the tests of the gearboxes on a test bench without load.
  • Painting

This new activity is a great development opportunity for CORDM but above all a support for your maintenance teams in the expertise of your gearboxes.

Our team of experienced and competent technicians stays at your disposal.
Do not hesitate to contact us.